Top 3 Of the Best Elliptical Machine for 2019

3 Of the Best Elliptical Machine

To find the best elliptical machine you don’t have to go way too far researching the best products in the market right now. We did a list with the top 3 elliptical machines considering a wide range of features most of these products offer but always emphasizing the  cost effective brands offer with their designs.

One of the first rules for you to get to the best elliptical machine for 2016 is to do not get fooled by their release date, as if a product just released would imply in better models. That is not a fact, specially because new releases are often the pilot version of machines that will be further implemented and improved.

We also take under consideration the fact elliptical machines have the purpose to offer safety to perform great cardio and bodybuilding work out all at once, though emphasizing more the cardio aspect. They are an alternative much more complete for people who want to ditch treadmills, for example, because elliptical machines are almost 100% lesion proof. You don’t have to perform an impact workout, like stepping tough while you are running, so it is also easier to find the right position for your body do work out safe from lesions and accidents that would even get you in the floor. Elder people often benefit much more from elliptical machines, but not only. Women and men who want to workout legs and buttocks can also make use of these machines to tone their lower muscles while they also burn calories.

These are our Top 3 Elliptical Machines for 2019 with reviews

Our three selected products are not either the kind of cheap machines that cost few and offer poor exercising. So if you want to stick to a machine, the way to find the best elliptical machine for 2015 and further is to open your pockets doing an accurate long-therm investment.

1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Let’s start with the most accessible product of our list. This Schwinn 430 model is the ultimate elliptical machine developed by Schwinn, which is one of the most renowned American brands developing fitness machines. The brand, as well as this model, offer always great mechanical technologies, and this is very important if you don’t want to end up with a jammed machine after a while.

The 430 has weighted flywheels so the training will be smooth, doesn’t matter how much you weight or how much intense you want to do the workout session. This also means, silence! Machines with this kind of technology offer a work out session with slight, low level noises, so you won’t have the bother of exercising with a gritting row around your head.
You can perform over 20 different programs with 20 different levels of resistance. The 430 machine has two integrated levelers that are as smooth as the flywheels. Additionally, you have two static handlebars in the central frame of the settings interface.

And since this is an ultimate model, you can have the best in therms of technology from this machine. The Schwinn 430 has an advanced console with LCD window, 22 programs and the exclusive SchwinnConnect™ goal tracking, so you can set your exercising goals and always be updated about and on the tracks to improve. The console has USB ports, so you can even export your results to sites like, where you can generate statics about how much calories you have been burning, how you can do even better and how many hours you will still have to work out to reach your goals. The console also integrates speakers and a fan!

This model is rated 4 and half stars on stores like Amazon, and it costs $$$. Not too cheap, not too expensive and as complete as possible.

2. Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness is one of those expensive, fancy brands, and they often do justify their expensiveness with better technologies. This EX-59-02 costs 800 dollars and is one of the best models developed by Horizon so far considering also a cost effectiveness that is more affordable. Often many professional athletes work out on Horizon Fitness machines to improve running resistance and pulmonary capacity, but they do cost a lot – over 2000 dollars. Horizon developed this model which is a neat middle therm between professional needs and excellence on cardio exercising and burning calories, no wonder it is also a 4 and a half stars rated model.

Thats why this model is almost 300 dollars more expensive than the Schwinn one. For example, the pedals overlapping system has no gaps, so the mimic of natural walking and running is much more organic, the exercising session won’t feel irregular as you will reach a smooth rhythm while pedaling. This is very important to improve your results since the gap between lifting and pressing pedals demands more strength. As you keep pedaling you might get tired earlier than you were supposed to.

On the other hand, if the EX-59-02 model has better technology, it offers a little bit less in therms of digital performance

The console is much more simple than the one of our previous counterpart, it offers 16 different programs, from which 10 are standard and not customizable settings. This is a way Horizon developed to provide more stable and fit routines to work with their technology. It might not be too flexible but it is set with the best you can have from the machine doesn’t matter the kind of results you are looking for.

You will also find USB ports in this console and ports to connect your iPod or iPhone, for example, so you can play music through the speakers of the own machine. 

3. Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid

The last suggestion of our list is the most expensive and likewise, robust. The E1 Elliptical Trainer is not only developed for low muscles exercising but also for your upper body due to the its moving arms systems. Different from most elliptical machines, the Best Fitness E1 is linked to the flywheel system, so while you work out legs you also can synchronize your efforts to your arms. The tension is strong enough to work the muscles of arms, chest and back. However, you can personalize how much difficult you want it to be, so if you are not planning exercising upper levels of your body, the arms can be adjusted to work smoothly without tension and you can focus solely on your legs.

From all the models listed, this is also the most sophisticated design of all them. It is covered on powder-coated steel frame, with a capacity for 275 pounds – previous models work better up to 190 to 200 pounds – and has a safety barrier around the pedals so whenever you feel out of balance, you have a stable surface to step in and prevent a fall.

Another thing that is quite important to emphasize is the design of the pedals. The E1 is made with pedals much more closer than usually you see in the market and this prevent hip fatigue as you might even have lesions if you do work out for too long forcing the muscles of the region to stretch.

And just like the Horizon Fitness model, this one offers a smaller number of programs because they are intended to work all possible scenarios of exercises in the best way with the machine technology. Since this machine is quite much more professional and demanding, you don’t really have to worry about it. Also, it comes with 17 different levels of resistance, you can even work solely with some of them and adjust your own goals. All this can be performed through the digital console of the elliptical machine as well as you will be able to track your distance, time, calories burned and speed.

Most importantly to notice, the Best Fitness E1 is part of the Body Solid line developed by the brand. All the products of this line are certified with the ISO 9000 quality certification, so this gives you an idea how professional and dedicated are the designs of the machine, nonetheless justifying its price.

What You Need about Elliptical Machines

As you have seen, the best elliptical machine for 2015 is the kind of product that will stick with your not for the next year ahead for a long whole. The current industry tried to develop models that the most complete as possible for all needs, but you noticed the more you have, the more expensive it will get.

If you are not planning to use elliptical machines to bodybuilding, you can stick to the simplest ones and still get the best of the cardio exercising, while saving money. Sometimes the best means even things you won’t need, so you have to set your standards and do know what you are looking for from those machines.

Have in mind also that you will around many other models that are well rated, specially elliptical trainers that are quite compacts, consisting only on pedals and the flywheel. You must be cautious about such products since they don’t offer too much support for a long therm training, you will not want to end up with injuries on your back or other parts of the body just because they are well rated for customers who are working on them for few time. The best for 2015 is also the best for many years ahead, you will want to stick to a machine that provides you the best right now and for a long while.

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